New Beginnings

I’ve recently started a new career in disability employment services, and I want to engage with it in a creative form. I’ll be writing about the work I do and offering insights into how to do it better. I also hope to build a network of interested people who can share and develop ideas about how to help people with disabilities meet employment expectations.


What I’m hoping to offer here is a discussion of the ideas behind disability employment services. I’m interested in the philosophy behind the cases, not the administration of the service. Anyone who is in this industry feels the weight of bureaucracy every day. This will be a space for positive ideas, not complaints about the system.


I mostly manage children with disabilities, so what I can and can’t talk about is heavily (and rightly) policed. Don’t expect to see fine details of cases here, and please don’t ask for them. I welcome any comments and discussion, but ask that you self-moderate or face the banhammer.


Some of the questions I’m hoping to cover are:

  •             How and why did our notions of disability form?
  •             How can emerging technology be used to enable the disabled?
  •             What is the idea of employment all about?
  •             What expectations do we place on disabled jobseekers, and why?
  •             What expectations do disabled jobseekers place on us?


I’ll try to come from both an academic and popular perspective, and where possible, offer real examples from my experiences. I invite you to do the same, remembering that this is in the public domain, and there are some things that don’t belong here. Please include any suggestions for what you’d like to see discussed in the comments below.